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H.M.S Bounty's Launch

H.M.S Bounty's Launch: H.M.S Bounty's launch was built for MGM at the Fellows and Stewart Shipyard at Wilmington, California.

The Fellows and Stewart Shipyard was one of the oldest and most experienced boat-builders on the Pacific Coast. They were famous for their speed boats for the Catalina ocean race and numeorus private luxury yachts.

The Launch is the ship's boat seen astern of the Bounty here.

Captain Bligh and 18 of his crew made their famous 49-day Open Boat Voyage of 5823 km (3618 mi) from mid-Pacific to Timor in the Dutch East Indies in a vessel like this.

The Los Angeles Maritime Museum has a nearly complete archive from the Fellows and Stewart Shipyard and has a photograph of the launch taken in the shipyard, shortly after its completion. This photo is on it's way and the Fellows and Stewart Shipyard archives are being researched for further information.

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