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The scale model of H.M.S Bounty

A sailing scale model of H.M.S Bounty: A 27-foot scale model of H.M.S Bounty for use during filming.

An article from a contemporary issue of Popular Mechanics Monthly entitled Old Sailing vessels "made up" as famous ships for the movies about the rebuilding of the vessels for use in the 1935 Mutiny on the Bounty film has been found at the J. Porter Shaw Library at the San Francisco Maritime Historical Park. It also contained this information:

Only twenty-seven feet long, this miniature Bounty reproduces the larger vessel in every detail and is perfectly seaworthy. In addition to a full set of sails, it carries an automobile engine geared to a concealed propeller which kicks the tiny ship along in realistic style. Fitted with bouyant tanks, it was ‘wrecked’ on the California coast, and later repaired for exhibition.

Note the size of the model by using the scale of the men standing near her.

During the filming, an erroneous report went out that the H.M.S Bountyreplica had sunk off Catalina, with news outlets reporting that both Gable and Laughton were lost The real event was when two technicians were nearly lost when the 28 foot model of H.M.S Bounty used for special effects was blown out to sea after being separated from its tow. The vessel was adrift for two days before being found by a search party.

The Los Angeles Maritime Museum had this information in their Fellows and Stewart Shipyard archives :

There is a file for MGM, undated, containing the specifications for a three-masted ship to be built for the MGM studios in Culver City, CA. It does not mention the purpose, or name of any film, but indicates "it is distinctly understood that it is intended by the owners to receive from the builders a ship built and rigged for ocean service." The final page contains a handwritten note "September 1st delivery" but no year.

This may be the model?

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