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The Nanuk = Pandora

The H.M.S. Pandora: The ship used to portray H.M.S. Pandora was originally the three-mast schooner Nanuk (originally named Ottilie Fjord), 261 tons.

Of the two large replica vessels we now know most about the history of the Nanuk. We know where it was built and we know a lot about the Master Shipbuilder who built her. We know about some of her history prior to being used in the movie and we know some of her history after being used in Mutiny on the Bounty.

Danish-born Master Shipbuilder Hans Ditlev Bendixsen built the Ottilie Fjord at Fairhaven, Calif. in 1892. See this link to read about the Master Shipbuilder and his shipyard:
Danish-born Master Shipbuilder Hans Ditlev Bendixsen

In 1927 she was the only vessel trading between the US and USSR ! The winter of 1929-30 was spent trapped in the Artic ice !

In 1929 Nanuk becomes ice-bound off Cape North, Siberia. Aboard are 15 passengers and a million dollars worth of furs. Pilot Carl Benjamin Eilelson disappears during a second flight to rescue passengers and furs. This results in one of the greatest searches in the arctic. Eilelson and his mechanic are found dead by Russian airmen in January 1930.

The Nanuk was first used by MGM during the filming of the film Eskimo , based upon a novel by the Danish author Peter Freuchen ( who appears in the film!), in 1932 and 1933. Just prior to being used on Mutiny on the Bounty it also portrayed the Hispaniola in the Wallace Beery film version of Treasure Island, based upon Robert Louis Stevenson's novel. The Nanuk was reported laid up at Long Beach 1942.

Captain Peter Freuchen, author of "Eskimo"

Floating Studio, The Schooner "Nanuk", in "Eskimo"

Ardath Scenes From Big Films (Australian Tobacco Moviecards) Courtesy of

The Nanuk appearing as the Hispaniola near Catalina Harbour.

This may be a photo of the Nanuk near Catalina.

John Lyman reported in 1939 that the vessel had this colour scheme: Pandora has a green bottom, black topsides with 2 yellow wales; port strake yellow with two white stripes; top rail orange; head rails yellow and white; stern orange and white. The three lower masts are painted and treated to represent built spars. Doublings are white and the rest of the spars brown. Pandora has three topgallant yards.

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