Captain Cook Study Unit Chronology

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The Captain Cook Study Unit is a society for everyone interested in James Cook (1728-1779). The society has a website Captain Cook Study Unit (CCSU) - Home Page where further information about membership and activities can be found. The Captain Cook Study Unit can be contacted by e-mail to the editor of the society's journal : Ian Boreham 21 Marlborough Road, Ipswich, Suffolk IP4 5AT, United Kingdom.

This chronology was compiled by the late Paul Capper. The first part was published in the journal of The Captain Cook Study Unit, Cook's Log, in 1985, and the last part in 1996. It is the longest running article submitted by a CCSU member. Paul Capper died in July, 1995. This chronology is copied, with permission, from The Captain Cook Society website

The chronology is divided into five sections to reduce downloading time, with an additional section of references:

The Captain Cook Study Unit Chronology is: Copyright 1996, 1997 by Captain Cook Study Unit

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