Books about Captain James Cook

Detail of a portrait of James Cook by Nathaniel Dance

J.C. Beaglehole The Journals of Captain James Cook on his Voyages of Discovery

J.C. Beaglehole The Life of Captain James Cook This is THE book to read!

J.C. Beaglehole Exploration of the Pacific

The Voyages of Captain Cook selected and edited by Christopher Lloyd

Alan Moorehead The Fatal Impact

Lynne Withey Voyages of Discovery: Captain Cook and the Exploration of the Pacific

Price & Dover The Explorations of Captain Cook in the Pacific

Hammond Innes The Last Voyage

Alistair Maclean Captain Cook

Lynette Roberts The Endeavour

William Bligh The Mutiny on Board H.M.S. Bounty (Bligh was master of Cook's vessel on the third voyage - and the first to visit the Pacific after Cook's death - the natives were expecting Cook's return)

Christine Holmes, Captain Cook's Final Voyage - The Journal of Midshipman George Gilbert. Caliban Books, 1982.

James Cook, Voyage towards the South Pole, Vol. 1 & 2. London 1777. Facsimile copy printed by the Libraries Board S. Australia, Adelaide, 1970.

Paul W Dale, Seventy North to Fifty South - Captain Cook's Last Voyage : Prentis Hall 1969 Hardback [Lib Congr 69-11969]

Captain Frank Knight, Captain Cook & the Voyage of the Endeavour 1768-1771 : Nelson Australian Paperback 1968 [SBN 17 002802]

Hugh Carrington, The Life of Captain Cook : Sedgewick & Jackson London 1967 (first published 1939) Paperback {Watergate Editions}

Andrew David, The Charts and Coastal Views of Captain Cook's Voyages. Vol. 1. The Voyage of the Endeavour, 1768 - 1771. Hakluyt Society, 1988.

Andrew David, The Charts and Coastal Views of Captain Cook's Voyages. Vol. 2. The Voyage of Resolution and Adventure, 1771 - 1775. Hakluyt Society, 1992.

James Cook, Captain James Cook's Journal 1768-71 : Australiana Facsimile Edition No 188 : Published by Library Board of South Australia 1968 : Hardback {being the Stock London Edition of 1893}

Captain William Bligh, A Voyage to the South Seas : Australiana Facsimile Edition No 121 : Published by Library Board of South Australia 1969 : Hardback {being the Nicol London Edition of 1792}

Frank Paluka, The Three Voyages of Captain Cook : Beta Phi Mu Pittsburgh PA USA 1974 {Chapbook number 10} Hardback [Lib Congr 73-88544] [ISBN 0-910230-10-2]

A Grenfell Price Ed., The Explorations of Captain James Cook in the Pacific : Published by Angus & Robertson Sydney Australia 1969 Edition (first published 1958) Hardback [SBN 207 952221 3]

A.W.Reid Ed., Captain Cook in New Zealand : Published by AH & AW Reid Wellington NZ 1969 Edition (first published 1951) Hardback

A.W.Reid Ed., Captain Cook in Australia : Published by AH & AW Reid Wellington NZ 1969 (first) Edition Hardback (These last two distributed as a boxed set)

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