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     Type:   B04 Birth, Baptism
     Date:   @#DGREGORIAN@ 14 DEC 1739
     Place:   St. Germain's Church Marske by the Sea, NRY, ENG

Occupation:   Fisherman/Shopkeeper, Redcar, NRY,ENG

     Type:   C06 Civic, Club, Society, Census
     Date:   1812
     Place:   55 North Side, Redcar, NRY, ENG

     Type:   C06 Civic, Club, Society, Census
     Date:   1815
     Place:   55 North Side, Redcar, NRY, ENG

     Type:   D04 Death, Burial
     Date:   4 SEP 1817
     Place:   St. Germain's Churchyard Marske by the Sea, NRY, ENG



M. Rudd to Sir Joseph Banks soliciting assistance for James Fleck, Captain Cook nephew. 1805.

Marton Lodge near Stockton on Tees
April 22nd, 1805.

Mr. James Fleck the nephew and heir-at-law of the great Captain Cook brought me your letter to him of the 8th inst., as you do me the honor to desire him to apply to me to explain the kind of office which he solicits you to obtain for him, and also for my certificate of his ability to discharge in a creditable manner the duties of the office he desires to procure, I am anxious to give you every information in my power.

He is the Master of a coasting vessel which he purchased a few years ago by the kindly aid of Mrs. Cook the widow of Captain Cook who lent him I understand upwards of 200 Pounds for that purpose, from various circumstances but principly (sic) through misfortune he is now under the necessity of selling his vessel, and the produce of the sale I fear will not reach his pocket and I consider also Mrs. Cook's kindly loan to be in danger such I believe to be the present situation of the above James Fleck and he now solicits your interest to obtain for him the place of a Revenue Officer stationed, upon the Coast to prevent smuggling - I have not however heard nor do I believe that such an Office upon this part of the Coast is now vacant.

James Fleck is esteemed a very good seaman and is in the prime of life He inherits good abilities, I have always understood that he is a sober man and I know nothing that affects his moral character, he has now two children but they are not very young - He is the heir-at-law of Captain Cook and as such has claimed my attention, but I really do not know whether he is qualified for the place of Revenue Officer on not, I rather incline to think some office in the Navy might suit him better, but having given you the most ample description .of him I am able to do, you will of course be enabled to draw your own conclusion.

His mother Mrs. Fleck the sister of Captain Cook died last Autumn. - Her unfortunate propensity to strong liqueur to which she was violently addicted rendered all endeavours to make her comfortable quite eneffectual (sic) - You will recollect I had the honor of your correspondence respecting her nearly four years ago, and of distributing your bounty to her - I did all that lay in my power to promote her comfort from the high respect which I entertain for the memory of Captain Cook She has left six children and the poor old fisherman her husband survives her - Mrs. Cook you will probably remember desired James Fleck to pay his mother 20 Pounds per annum out of the money she lent him and since her death Mrs. Cook has directed him to pay the annuity of 11 Pound 4 Shillings to the poor old man his father, but I fear the latter annuity is now in danger since the Ship is for sale unless Mrs. Cook takes pity upon the old man which from her excellent character I hope is such a case she will do is to the other children of Mrs. Fleck I believe they are doing very well and are no objects of charity or particular attention except one daughter who is married to an honest industrious Fisherman of Redcar named John Carter and his nine small children, and her family annually increasing.

Having thus given you the best account I can of Captain Cook's poor relations, I will take the liberty to say something of myself, about 20 years ago my father purchased the Manor and Estate of Marton where Captain Cook was born - I have recently built a new house at Marton, from whence I write, and am in possession of the site of the Cottage where Captain Cook was born on which I mean shortly to erect a small Pillar to record the fact and the honor which this place claims.

I have the honor to be, sir, with
great respect
your obedient and humble servant
Martin Rudd,

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