Buccaneer Ned Yorke series:

The Yorke series spans 280 plus years. The series starts at the end of the Protectorate and the beginning of the Restoration with four novels centered around Royalist Ned Yorke, a Barbados planter forced to turn buccaneer due to his Royalist sentiments. He escapes capture by the Parliamentarians in 1657 or 58 and eventually becomes the Admiral of the Brethren of the Coast. His partner is Sir Thomas Whetstone, the outcast nephew of Oliver Cromwell. The series concludes with DECOY and CONVOY set in World War II. Another Ned Yorke, the last surviving male of his line, encounters Ramagesque adventures fighting U-Boats. These books end in 1942. Squeezed in between are guest appearances by Sidney Yorke, a contemporary of Lord Ramage and the fabulously wealthy owner-operator of a shipping line, as a supporting character in two Ramage novels, Governor Ramage and Ramage's Prize.

Dudley Pope's author's note to Buccaneer:

The Caribbean at the time of the buccaneers nourished some bizarre characters, of whom Sir Thomas Whetstone is the most intriguing. He did exist in real life and he was the Royalist nephew of Oliver Cromwell. As readers of my biography of Sir Henry Morgan know, Whetstone was eventually captured and imprisoned by the Spanish and nothing was ever heard of him again.

Buccaneer, 1981 [1]

(Because his family are Royalists, Ned Yorke is forced to flee his Barbados plantation with such retainers as choose to come with him. This includes the wife of the Parliamentarian planter who wants Yorke's estate. After trying his hand as a smuggler, Yorke joins forces with Cromwell's Royalist nephew as a buccaneer, goes to Jamaica, and helps the Parliamentarian governor of the island retain it from the Spanish.)

In the 1650's the Spaniards consider the Caribbean their private sea - but England, France and Holland are determined to keep it open. These are the days of piracy and bitter fighting as galleons struggle home with cargoes of gold and silver.

Ned Yorke is one of the few Royalist planters in Barbados - outnumbered hated and harried by their Roundhead rivals. Cromwell has already confiscated the family estate in England, and now the Barbados estate is being seized. It seems destined to go to the sadistic, rum swilling husband of Aurelia, the woman Yorke loves and will carry to freedom.

Yorke has a small ship and a loyal crew. But they have thousands of miles to sail and no safe refuge - hunted by Roundheads and Spanish alike.

The capture of Jamaica, the famous raid on Santiago...dramatic historic events are woven into this rich and colourful series.

Admiral 1982 [2] (Yorke returns to Jamaica following the death of Oliver Cromwell, becomes elected as Admiral of the Brethren of the Coast in Tortuga, leads the ships to Jamaica, and in an effort to forestall a Spanish invasion of Jamaica, leads highly successful raids on Provencia and Portobello.)

The King is back! - and news of his dramatic restoration hits Jamaica like a hurricane. While the Governor appointed by Cromwell anxiously waits to learn his fate, he depends for the island's defence on Ned Yorke's buccaneers supplying him with captured Spanish guns.

And what will be the future of Yorke himself, a Royalist planter turned buccaneer - and his second-in-command, boisterous Sir Thomas Whetstone?

However, Charles II's return from exile brings no immediate peace to the Spanish Main, and Yorke and Whetstone find scores more joining them for profitable raids on the enemy - the most desperate forays yet.

Galleon, 1986 [3] (A new, Royalist governor of Jamaica suspends the buccaneers' licenses. Yorke rescues his partner from the Spanish, and assists the French governor of St. Martin's to capture a Spanish treasure galleon which ran ashore and threatened the colony's chief town, but is unable to convince the new governor of the buccaneers' importance to Jamaica's safety)

Corsair, 1987 [4] (Yorke uncovers evidence of Spanish plans to invade Jamaica, but cannot convince Governor Luce of the threat until it is at hand. In the rare instances where the governor seeks assistance of the buccaneers, York leads reprisal raids against Cuba and the Spanish Main.)

Jamaica was thrown into turmoil in the years following Charles II's restoration. The exiled Charles had promised the island to the Spanish King, and for all the non-Spanish settlers in the Caribbean there was 'No peace beyond the line."

Admiral of the Brethren, Ned Yorke,and his deputy, Sir Thomas Whetstone, discover the Spanish are drawing together a Caribbean fleet. Was this a move to protect their treasure ships from the Buccaneers, the Brethren of the Coast - or were they plotting to carry an army against Jamaica.

Convoy, 1979 (A Yorke in action against the German's in WW II. He unravels the secret of how the Germans are secretly attacking convoy ships from the inside of the convoy.)

Decoy, 1983(Yorke rides again to capture a German U-Boat for the new Enigma coding/decoding machine that the Germans are deploying.)

In the dark winter of 19411942, Lieut. Commander Ned Yorke is ordered, by Churchill no less, to obtain a new Enigma machine and its Hydra cipher from the Germans. The British have the older, Mark II, Enigma, but only a Mark III will enable them to monitor German U-boat wireless messages, a crucial element in the Battle of the Atlantic. Yorke assembles a couple of chums and 20 hands for a daring escapade: as apparent shipwreck survivors they're picked up in the North Atlantic by a U-boat, then overpower its crew and take it over, along with its new Enigma. Their initial success is marred, however, by lack of radio transmission and the real danger, and many adventures, are encountered on their voyage back to Britain.

The Hydra cipher...

Using the secret Enigma code machine, Admiral Dnitz talked freely with his U-boats ranging the Atlantic in search of prey.

But at Bletchley Park in Buckinghamshire the British cipher experts eavesdropped on Enigma - and anticipated the enemy's movements.

Suddenly the Hydra cipher was altered, and the 'Great Blackout' began. No longer could the Admiralty track the U-boats, and the Battle of the Atlantic seemed lost.

Then Winston Churchill gave immediate orders - the new cipher must be broken at all costs. And that is how Lt. Cmdr Edward Yorke found himself out at sea in the fearful North Atlantic winter - unravelling the new Enigma machine in circumstances of the utmost danger...and in a desperate race against time.

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Heart of Oak

    Come, cheer up my lads! 'tis to glory we steer, To add something more to this wonderful year; 'tis to honour we call you, as free men not slaves, for who are so free as the sons of the waves?

    Heart of oak are our ships Jolly tars are our men We always are ready; Steady, boys, steady; We'll fight and we'll conquer again and again!

    We'll ne'er see our foes but we wish 'em to stay, They never see us but they wish us away; If they run, we will follow, we will drive 'em ashore, For if they won't fight us, we cannot do more.

    Heart of oak are our ships Jolly tars are our men We always are ready; Steady, boys, steady; We'll fight and we'll conquer again and again!