Henderson Island - Latitude 24.22 S - Longitude 128.19 W

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Map made especially for this website by Jean-Pierre Langer Principality of Monaco. This map is based upon the Admiralty charts.

The above map, as well as detail maps of all the islands in the Pitcairn Group (Pitcairn, Oeno, Ducie and Henderson), are available for download from this site in Adobe PDF format (requires Adobe Acrobat 3.0 or greater). These maps have much more detail than the map in .gif format above. This collection of maps has been made especially for this website by Jean-Pierre Langerof the Principality of Monaco and are based upon Admiralty charts. The maps are collected in a single zip file and are available in Englishor French.

Thanks to Jean-Pierre Langer for his wonderful work!

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