Captain Cook's Voyages of Discovery

The above map is not entirely accurate - it serves to show the major direction of the voyages.
Many crisscrosses and returns to the areas visited etc. are not included in the tracks shown.
An example: Cook's return to Hawaii from Alaska is not shown.
If he had followed the trach shown he wouldn't have been killed.

First Voyage - 1768-1771

Goal : Observe Transit of Venus, find Southern Continent

Acheivement: Observed transit at Tahiti and mapped New Zealand, discovered it's Southern Island and discovered and mapped eastern coast of Australia.

Second Voyage - 1772-1775

Goal : Confirm existence of postulated Southern Continent

Acheivement: discovered New Hebrides and discovered New Caledonia. discovered Fijis, Tonga, Society Islands and circumnavigated Antartica.

Third Voyage - 1776-1780

Goal : Find Northeast passage from Pacific to Atlantic in northern America.

Acheivement: found Marquesas Islands, discovered Cook Islands and Hawaii, cruised western American coast from California to Alaska north of Bering Straits.

Capt. Cook killed February 14, 1779 Kealakekua Bay, Hawaii

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