Rosie the Riveter

Rosie the Riveter from a 1941 Lockheed Poster
Maybe this is Francine Gantt?

I received the following message Sunday, January 26, 1997

I am writing for my grandmother Francine Gantt. She was one of the women who worked at the Burbank, Ca. Lockheed plant.

We were on the web, her first time, and she was very happy to see your photos of the P-38.

She was first a riveter in the wing section and she continued through the production period as part of quality control until it ceased in 1945.

At the end of the war she was telling me, the last birds were on the production line and were finished because they were paid for.

She recalled a picnic lunch when their jobs were done. There was a salute to the women who built the P-38 by the last planes produced. She recalled the familiar sounds of the engines as they would, and did, fly over the production hanger, and still she says they were the fastest plane of the war.

Thanks for your pictures and your valuable information.

If there are other pictures, especially ones of the production, available would you please let us know so we can enjoy them also!

Thanks again! Francine Gantt/Allan Uribe -grandson

I have replied to Francine Gantt and Allan Uribe asking whether Francine could send me a long e-mail with her reminiscences from the production of the P-38. If she does so, I will present them on this page.

I have also written to Lockheed-Martin asking them for pictures from their archives of the production of P-38's in Burbank.

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